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Professional with broad background seeking position in software development as developer or manager. Also open to work as technical liaison coordinating product development between Asia and the US. Lived in Taiwan 20 years. Speak Mandarin Chinese.

Work History

2003 to 2015

Chinese Toolbox

Position: Founder and developer
Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Created entirely new type of software for learning Mandarin Chinese involving managed reading assistance, progress tracking, and tools to help focus learning effort where most needed. Envisioned while living in Taiwan, design is based on personal experience in learning Chinese. Developed application in C++, server with Perl, online store via PayPal integration, license key system, and website. Currently developing next version as iOS and Android mobile apps. Developed custom socket and HTTP classes to support server communication.

Bethany’s Cram School

Position: Founder and co-manager
Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Establish a successful  cram school in highly competitive, downtown Taipei. The family business has grown to over 300 students, providing instruction in English, Chinese literature, physics, biology, and math. Employs two full-time office assistants and numerous local and foreign teachers.

1997 to 2002

Apple Computer
Professional Services

Position: Senior Consulting Engineer & Analyst
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Designed/programmed enterprise-class software systems (web, desktop and multi-tier applications) in Java and Objective-C for U.S. Postal Service, Military Sealift Command, and Apple:

U.S. Postal Service 3½-year assignment: As project analyst and developer, designed and developed client-server, web, and multi-tier software using WebObjects for Signature Confirmation service. Developed other Windows desktop, legacy (IBM 3270 screen-scraping), web, and UNIX server applications that enabled USPS call center personnel to effectively service thousands of customer requests daily. Utilized application server and database modeling technologies in application development. Worked closely with customers in defining application requirements and managing development schedule, testing, and deployment. Received award from Apple “for significant contributions of Release 24, a major re-engineering and development effort on the USPS Corporate Call Management Project”. Databases: Oracle and DB2.

Military Sealift Command 6-month assignment: Sole developer of Java-based WebObjects warehouse application in final stages of application development and deployment. Worked closely with customer after initial deployment to identify remaining problems and document enhancement requests. Deployed application updates with corrections and enhancements. Remotely monitored application performance and made changes as necessary. Database: Sybase.

Apple internal 4-month assignment: Worked on a team of five to develop a new internal sales management application. Documented application requirements in USE-CASE format. Wrote several PL/SQL stored procedures to migrate data from old to new databases. Database: Oracle.

1996 to 1997


Position: Support specialist and software engineer
Location: Redwood City, California

Served in three roles with this start-up in dynamic, team-oriented environment:

1995 to 1996

Manufacturer of network equipment

Position: Marketing Specialist
Location: Fremont, California

Numerous responsibilities in small sales office of Taiwanese company:

1992 to 1995

D-Link Corporation

Position: Technical writer
Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Produced numerous manuals for networking products: routers, hubs, bridges, transceivers, network cards, networking software, print servers, etc. Trained staff in use of desktop publishing software.

1989 to 1992


Position: Documentation Consultant
Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Developed product documentation (user guides, technical manuals) for broad range of computer products. Gathered product information through direct use of product and through meetings with engineers. Developed written content and artwork. Integrated text and graphics using page layout software. Responsible for all aspects of manual creation. Put forth painstaking efforts to ensure that manuals were logically organized, easy to read, and beautiful.

1988 to 1989

Chaplet Systems

Position: Technical Writer
Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Produced several user guides for company’s laptop computer products. Final 150-page manual recognized by Portable Computing magazine as being


Software Development

Primary skill and interest. Have almost always been involved in some form of software development since college. Greatest accomplishments include work done at Apple and since 2003, Chinese Toolbox. Currently developing Chinese Toolbox for Windows and Chinese Toolbox Mobile (iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8). Have worked with many programming languages and APIs but primarily C++, Java, Objective-C, Perl, and Win32. Have developed desktop applications, web applications, client-server servers, and middle-tier servers.

Mandarin Chinese

Learned Mandarin Chinese to near fluency while living in Taiwan from 1986 to 1995 and 2002 to the present. Very familiar with Taiwan culture and society.

Project Management

Served as both analyst and developer for USPS Signature Confirmation service. Carried out several functions of project manager. Worked closely with customer, project manager, and other associates in managing expectations, schedules, development and deployment of new service.

Technical Support

Provided phone and online technical and developer support at NetObjects. Resolved technical problems with network devices (adapters, hubs, etc.) at Addtron.


Graduated 1985, BS in Computer Science
LSU-Shreveport, Shreveport, Louisiana





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