What is Chinese Toolbox?

Chinese Toolbox is software to help you learn Mandarin Chinese through reading. It you are studying Chinese or you need to read Chinese as part of your work, then Chinese Toolbox was designed for you.

Chinese Toolbox incorporates a new system of learning Chinese unlike anything ever available in a computer program. Besides providing instant access to character and word definitions, Chinese Toolbox helps you to reduce your dependency on dictionaries by identifying characters and words as Known, a system called Marking for Unassisted Reading.

The 2013 release of Chinese Toolbox provides for document management as it relates to the learning of Chinese. For example, you can not only import and name documents, but you can also search through them, compile a list of unknown characters and Chinese words for all documents, and compare the documents against a selected character frequency list. This feature will be further enhanced in upcoming releases.

To help you focus on characters that matter the most, Chinese Toolbox has incorporated two published character frequency lists: one by Jun Da and one by Chih-Hao Tsai. These lists show you characters that occur most frequently in online texts. The original character frequency list in Chinese Toolbox dynamically keeps track of the characters that you import into the program. It shows you characters seen most frequently according to the documents that you import.

The Documentation section of this website describes the vast majority of the program’s functionality. If anything about the program is unclear, please send an email to support at chinesetoolbox .com.





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