Learning Chinese via Tips System

Just as Chinese Toolbox is designed to help you learn Chinese as quickly as possible, so also this Tips system is designed to help you learn this program quickly and efficiently. Tips appear only if functionality described by the Tip has NEVER been used. Once you've tried the feature, the corresponding Tip will no longer appear. Tips you've already tried won't clutter your view.

There is no 'Previous Tip' button by design, the goal being to cover all Tips quickly. If you need more info, click 'Online Help' to read the online documentation for the Tip of interest. If after viewing all Tips some functionality has yet to be exercised, clicking 'Next Tip' will show the first Tip for functionality you haven't yet used. Once all functionality has been used, the Tips window will no longer appear at startup. You can still access Tips from the Help menu.



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See the February 2018 updates for
Chinese Toolbox and Toolbox Coding

especially the new Chinese Toolbox