Edit Dictionary Fields

Frames with red borders in the Character and Word Dictionary windows are editable; you can change their contents.

To try this out in the Character Dictionary window, first make sure a character entry is displayed. Editable fields will not respond to keyboard input when no character entry is displayed. Next, click in the Notes field of the Character Dictionary window. Type something relevant to the currently displayed character. Whatever you enter here will be saved when you quit the program, and it will appear the next time you view the same dictionary entry. Notes are also searchable via the Search window.


  1. Chinese text: You can paste Chinese text into these fields; however, typing Chinese text directly into these fields is not yet possible.
  2. Zhuyin fields: Text input in the Character Dictionary Zhuyin field follows the pattern of keyboards in Taiwan using a US English keyboard. This is problematic for users with keyboards in other languages. Eventually, this form of input will be removed. Text input in the Word Dictionary Zhuyin field is not enabled; zhuyin in this field comes from programmatic conversion of data in the Word Dictionary Pinyin field.



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See the February 2018 updates for
Chinese Toolbox and Toolbox Coding

especially the new Chinese Toolbox