Select a Frequency List


The Frequency List menu (above) allows you to change the active character frequency list. The active list is the one that appears when you click on the Character Frequency tab (below) of the Reader.


In the Settings dialog you can specify whether to include additional details when the lists are displayed. These lists are designed to help you focus on learning characters that occur most frequently in your reading.

  1. Dynamic Character Frequency List: This list is updated each time you import a document. Initially, this list is empty. After importing a document, click on the Character Frequency tab to show a list of characters that have been imported. They are listed in decreasing order of frequency (most frequent characters first).
  2. Modern Chinese Character Frequency List: Published by Jun Da and used by permission. A list generated mainly from simplified texts.
  3. Frequency and Stroke Counts of Chinese Characters: Published by Chih-Hao Tsai and used by permission. A list generated mainly from traditional texts.

Refer to the page, Character Frequency Lists, for full coverage of this feature.



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