Regular Use

If you are trying to learn Chinese, you probably already know that it's going to take a while, and the more help you get, the faster you will learn. This is where Chinese Toolbox can help, but not if you use it only once a week.

Reading Chinese should be a daily habit, and Chinese Toolbox makes it a lot easier to get started in reading Chinese than using more traditional methods.

Chinese Toolbox can be used with other programs and websites; everything in the program can be exported or 'copied out', so you can use the copied text in other resources like Google Translate. Basically, to copy data out of Chinese Toolbox, you first need to select a frame. Once a frame is selected, press Ctrl-C to copy the frame text to the Windows clipboard. Once it's on the clipboard, you can paste the text into another program or website.

Press <Esc> in the reading frame to deselect the current character frame. If you copy the reading frame when a character is selected, only that character is copied.



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See the February 2018 updates for
Chinese Toolbox and Toolbox Coding

especially the new Chinese Toolbox